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Everfair Tax

Personal Resume

Looking for work as a consultant, or even increasingly as an employee, it is expected that you can give a good account of yourself, your ethos and your experience via an online presence. A Personal Resume website  differs from a traditional CV in that you can showcase where your skills have made a difference via live links to publications, articles & projects.

The process of putting together a website to showcase your skills and experience is a great time to reflect on what you want from the world of work  and truly how your current skills level will help an organisation

Everfair Tax

Artist's Gallery Website

Karin Christensen is a Norwegian Artist, based in the UK who produces beautiful art from observation of her surroundings - wherever that is in the world.

'Jo has designed my art pages and I have really enjoyed working with her. She is very creative and has suggested solutions I wasn't even aware existed. Jo works quickly and has been great at communicating. She has a very friendly and positive approach and I hope to continue working with Jo as my pages needs updating in the future'  Karin Christensen

Everfair Tax

Everfair Tax

Everfair Tax wanted to update their website to reflect how far they had come as a company since they started business in 2014. Everfair Tax now have a more professional platform from which to promote their business.


Lauren Colvin, POPP&T

Lauren Colvin was launching her new business and needed a website. Through the process of considering the look & content for the site her business vision clarified resulting in a website she is 'over the moon with'.

Rainbow Playgroup

Rainbow Playgroup Bookham

Rainbow had recently had an Outstanding Ofsted inspection and felt their old website should be updated to reflect this excellent result. s plenty of pictures to reflect the daily routine, including parental interaction and also trips out to the Dawnay woodland area. 
This was some feedback when it was 'unveiled':
Amazing! You can see how much thought has been put into the structure and layout of this. It's really comprehensive and certainly gives a really colourful description of all the great stuff that goes on at Rainbow.

Barbara Bradshaw Art


Barbara Bradshaw has a beautiful gallery of Artwork which she was struggling to show online.
She had recently set up a Facebook page but felt a website could display her Art more elegantly.
I worked with Barbara to ensure the website reflected her character while also showcasing her wonderful art. Barbara now blogs regularly from her site, sharing those blogs from the site onto Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, making it efficient to promote her work

Building Blocks PreSchool

Building Blocks PreSchool

Building Blocks Preschool approached me to update their website which they felt no longer reflected the journey they had made since opening in 2015. We worked together to capture the essence of the ethos of the preschool which is very much fun, nurturing and stimulating. By organising the information better and introducing more colour the site reflects the professional but fun outlook of the preschool itself

Surboss Business Services

Surboss Business Services

Surboss, Business Services

Surboss offer a range of Business Services and wanted to re-launch their website with a more modern feel and extend content over and above their original site. Working closely together we made sure the Surboss branding was reflected throughout the site and the navigation was clear.

Rachael Underwood Early Years Training

Rachael Underwood

Rachael Underwood has been an Early Years Teacher and Trainer for over 20 years and recently has branched out to offering her training more widely and wanted a website to facilitate this. I worked closely with Rachael to incorporate her ideas and we worked jointly on the content management within the site and on the design of her logo and colour scheme.

Restful Moments

Restful Moments

Anita had just qualified as a Reiki Therpist and had a particular look in mind for her site. We had two consultation meetings to establish the content for the site and design the look and feel. When Anita is ready we will add in appointments booking and payment options.

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