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Consultancy Website

Consultancy Website

A career move to become a Consultant is a brave move and requires a lot of movement in how you think about presenting yourself. A website is an obvious choice for promoting yourself and your services but remember to think not just about your experience & qualities but how they would fit to a client - what roles are you targeting in the consultancy? Maybe not all your experience is relevant to your new consultancy so make sure you prioritise the more relevant projects and show how you brought extra value.

If you're considering a new website please get in touch - first consultation is free where we discuss how to best present your new business. Then we work together to make sure the content fits your ethos and values and direction for the company. We will look at SEO & Analytics and how to leverage a blog and social media sharing to give your website more visibility. You will be able to manage & edit your own site if you wish, or stay on for a long term collaboration ..... its up to you