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A new website design to showcase amazing charity work by Aprender UK

Aprender are an amazing Education Charity working with disadvantaged children around the world. I was honoured to work with them, learn about their mission & help form their website ......... and overwhelmed to get this glowing testimonial from Phil Hawkins, CEO & Founder of Aprender .........

Website Design Surbiton Esher Surrey

"From the start, Jo was not just our website designer, she was our colleague, walking with us, understanding our journey, hearing our words and intentions. This made working with her a collaborative experience, an exchange of ideas that led to a great website that met our key criteria – to transmit our core message to multiple audiences. And as we walked together, Jo has helped us build our own capacity to expand our horizons of website use and engagement with our supporters. From first contact to first draft to final version, Jo shows great professionalism without the distance, adapting to her clients’ needs and changing of messages as we ourselves adapt as we understand more. Turnaround time is short with Jo checking in to see if all is well and being flexible to our requirements and changes in ideas and main messaging. We can definitely recommend her to you."

Philip J Hawkins

CEO and Founder of Aprender

"How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives." A. Dillard.

If you shop with Amazon, please consider supporting us through their Amazon Smile Scheme. All the same prices but they make a donation to Aprender for everything you purchase. It's that easy. Please support our work by starting your shopping at!

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