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Reasons to update your website

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There are many reasons to update your website - these are the top three benefits we've found via our clients

1. You loved your website when you first set up your business but now, a few years on, your business has developed and your website no longer reflects your whole business vision & ethic

- realising this is a really good time to re-evaluate your business, what you offer, your mission and make sure the website is up to date with where your business strategy is. This is an excellent process to go through and consider whether all of your marketing & branding line up.

2. The website is old technology

- old websites tend to be restricted to the middle part of the screen because the technology couldn't cope with different screen sizes. New websites are widescreen and responsive to screen size changes as well as being able to be viewed on mobiles and tablets. Consumers view websites on mobiles and tablets as much as desktops so your website must be mobile format friendly

Some interesting stats on internet usage can be found here

3. You have added bits and pieces to your website and it has lost its coherency

- users are very impatient these days and a rambling website where they cannot get to useful information fast will have them clicking 'x' and going onto the next offering from google search.

Think carefully about the journey the user will go on, how you use your call to actions and how to make the website journey useful, informative and profitable

If this makes you think about updating your website please do get in touch for a free consultation.


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